Jarrard & Assocates has been serving the medical device industry since 1990. We specialize in real-time microprocessor-based surgical and monitoring instruments and accessories, with particular expertise in the following areas:

Finite Element Modeling

Finite element analyses used early in the development process can demonstrate feasibility, give valuable insight into the processes involved, guide the design approach and shorten the development cycle. We specialize in modeling the interaction between medical devices and human soft tissue.

RF Ablation

We have over twenty-five years experience in the research and development of radio frequency generators and accessories used in a number of ablation and tissue welding applications.

Feasibility Studies

We can help you demonstrate the feasibility of your new product idea starting with finite element modeling, through prototype development and animal studies to prove your design.

Program Management

If your project requires outside resources, we can assist in selecting contract engineering, manufacturing, and raw material vendors, freeing your engineers to concentrate on the day-to-day needs of your core business. We would be happy to assume any or all of the project management effort. Our years of experience in working with outside resources in the development and manufacturing of medical products puts us in a position to help you get your project up and running in the least amount of time.

New Product Development

Feasibility studies to determine viability of a new product idea, hardware and software development, electronic packaging, prototype development, clinical evaluation, and pilot production.

Technology Assessment

Due diligence investigations of technologies that are merger, acquisition or investment candidates. Technology audits of new products during development.

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